NSHM is one of the oldest private colleges established in Kolkata and Durgapur. NSHM is an abbreviation of four Latin words: Notabilis, Sociatrix, Humanus and Maxime, which translates into English as “Noteworthy Collaboration for Best Development of Humankind”.

NSHM today has a combined enrolment of more than 6,000 students.Over 150 companies today have students who have passed out of NSHM working for them. The campuses have modern labs in the areas of language learning, computer science and IT among others. NSHM also has industry linkages with associations and chambers and companies like Oracle, Microsoft, Avaya, Adobe and Autodesk.

At another level the success that NSHM has achieved can be gauged from the fact that its faculty has over 900 publications in international and national journals. Students have the option of going in for exchange programs and also taking part in international study programs. The internal environment is student-led and faculty guided. 

Many Bangladeshi students have studied at NSHM and repatriated to serve their motherland. Following their succes, the authority of NSHM has decided to enroll some Bangladeshi students for the academic year 2018. Hence, Bangladeshi students are requested to visit our local admission office in Dhaka for eligibility assessment and admission. 

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Last Update: 25th February 2018