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How to Apply

SRM IST suggests prospective Bangladeshi applicants to visit our Student Information Center in Bangladesh located at GEE Bangladesh, 238/1 Outer Circular Road, Maruf Market, 3rd Floor, Mouchak Market Circle, Dhaka 1217, Bangladesh for any admission related inquiry or professional guide without any cost.

One of our trained counselor will attend your inquiries with utmost sincerity and will guide you step by steps from admission to obtaining a study visa without accepting any consultancy charge. 

To apply, please follow the steps bellow. 

  • Select a course
  • Sit for an oral interview 
  • Fill up our online admission application form; if you are selected for admission 
  • Submit your academic documents i,e certificates and transcripts 
  • Submit copy of passport (if available at the time of admission or submit later)
  • Submit a color picture
  • Pay non refundable application fee USD$ 50 by credit card 
  • Receive your selection letter within 72 working hours 
  • Now pay the 1st year course fees mentioned in the selection letter to the university account from a local bank 
  • Submit proof of payment example; Swift Copy 
  • Submit medical check up reports attached with the selection letter 
  • Submit service request form attached with the selection letter 
  • Receive your final acceptance letter within next 72 working hours 
  • Now your admission process is complete 
  • Prepare your documents to lodge study visa application as per the guide of our admission office
  • Fill up online visa application form from the link 
  • Lodge your visa application 
  • Receive your visa 
  • Prepare your journey to the university 
  • PhD applicants will have to submit a synopsis or research proposal along with the documents. (A power point presentation containing minimum 10 slides are mandatory for PhD assessment)

Note: Students outside Dhaka may submit their documents to the email address for admission assessment. It is possible to complete admission procedure from your place. In that case, if you are selected for the proposed course, you will have to pay USD$ 50 application fees through credit card.  

For any further inquiry, please fill up the inquiry form :

** Without paying application fees USD$ 50, your application will not be processed. If you have any problem in paying the application fees, please contact our admission and counseling center in Bangladesh for assistance. 

Last Modified: 3 October 2017