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Pre Departure Counseling

SRM Institutes student information center in Bangladesh organize several pre-departure counseling session for outgoing students who have confirmed their admission at SRM Institutes from Bangladesh.

During the pre-departure session a delegation from SRM Institutes usually brief the student and guardian about the environment, safety, airport pick up, what documents and things student should hold with them during and after journey. academic rules, dormitory rules, how to start journey, where to stay initially, where to get help. how to book air /train ticket, academic rules and regulations, penalty and more what student and guardians should know.

After the session we also arrange one to one question and answer session. Assuring students safety and proper education is one of our responsibility.

Things must be done before travel to India.

  • Carefully read SRM Institutes International Students Handbook 
  • Confirm your accommodation / hostel or PG at SRM Institutes of nearby places.
  • Confirm Air / Journey Ticket
  • Transfer balance amount of tuition or other fees (if there is any) to SRM University account from a local Bank
  • Make sure you have necessary money in American Dollar for your day to day personal cost. Do not hold Indian Rupees while crossing boarder or immigration.
  • Before journey, please make sure you have, original passport with Visa, Original Admission Letter, Air Ticket, all original educational documents, proof of payments like tuition fees; accommodation fees etc along with you. An immigration officer at airport or other port may check these documents. So keep these documents in a hand bag while traveling.
  • Never take any food, water or other offerings from any unknown person while traveling.
  • At rail stations or bus stations don’t use the service of a porter or unauthorized person.
  • Report International office at SRM Institutes to complete necessary registration and they will guide you for the further. 
  • Complete FRRO registration within 14 days of your arrival in India. 
  • Buy a SIM card from Airport as it is easier to buy from there. 
  • Open your personal bank account to keep pocket money rather than keeping in the hostel room. 
  • Stay in touch with our International Department until completion of the proposed study.
  • Remember, education is your only intention. Do not waste your parents money or make your life hell without education. 

Last Modified: 3 October 2017