For students

For students

Welcome to Admission in India. Admission in India service is introduced at GEE Bangladesh in 2008.  We believe, India is a precise study destination for the students from Bangladesh and other developing countries. 

From 2008 we served thousands of Bangladesh and international students to get admission at Indian schools, colleges and universities. Before that we served Bangladeshi students to study in Australia, UK, Canada, Sweden, Turkey and Malaysia under former GEE Student Consultant.  

Perspective of study in India and other countries are completely different for students from the developing countries. Earning and Learning is not possible at the same time without research based programs.  

Admission in India means your only purpose is to achieve knowledge and education. While studying there is no part time work opportunity in India but one can enjoy rich heritage and culture of India during studentship.

While planning your education and admission in India please bear in mind you are going to enjoy global standard education and learning professionalism and cultural diversity.

Before choosing a school, college or university, students and guardians must carefully consider the location, environment, history, teacher and student ratio, teacher recruitment process, and many other parameters for the better education. There are many so called institutions and universities both in Bangladesh and India. Be aware of highly commercial institutions and universities.

Consider your intention, ability, career goal, financial budget etc before taking admission. Visit Admission in India service at GEE Bangladesh; meet one of our education adviser to select a suitable Institution and course for better education and better future.

Students residing outside Dhaka are suggested to visit our website, download GEE Bangladesh apps from google play store and fill up the online inquiry form. One of our officers will be in touch with you soon.

Happiness and distress depends on proper education, decision making abilities and uses of time. Do not take a wrong decision that will put your life into the dark.

Admission in India never charge any consultancy fees or file opening charge from students or guardians. All of our service from Admission to Alumni is free of cost.

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