If you are a Scholar and looking for a Scholarship; India is one of the right places for you. India offers various scholarship opportunity to International students from Bachelor to PhD level. To enhance cultural relations among the nations, the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) allow thousand of International students to study in India under the government fund.

Moreover, Scholarship opportunities are available at Indian Government Universities, Private Universites for Bachelors, Masters, PhD fellowships, Postdoctoral Degrees and some short training courses. 

Scholars must find the opportunities offered by the Indian Institutions. Many Indian Private Universities offer Scholarship facility to the talented Bangladeshi students through GEE Bangladesh. SRM University, VIT University, Sharda University, Chandigarh University is the living example.  

GEE Bangladesh encourages scholars to visit our office to avail the latest scholarship opportunities in India through us. Visit our website on regular basis; fill up the online inquiry form and drop your message what you are exactly looking for. 

Unlock your potential with GEE Bangladesh and discover who you are and what you can be ! 

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