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GEE Bangladesh, known as Global Education Explorer, is one of Bangladesh's oldest and most renowned education counseling centers. It was established in 1998. It specializes in providing services related to studying abroad, including guidance on selecting suitable educational institutions, visa assistance, application processing, test preparation, and other related services for students aspiring to pursue higher education abroad.

GEE Bangladesh collaborates with various educational institutions and universities worldwide to assist Bangladeshi students in accessing quality education opportunities across the globe. It offers support services for studying in countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, India, Sweden, and many others.

GEE Bangladesh typically offers comprehensive counseling to students, helping them choose appropriate courses and institutions based on their academic background, career goals, and financial considerations. We also assist with the application process, including preparing necessary documents, filling out forms, and facilitating communication with universities.

Additionally, GEE Bangladesh often organizes seminars, workshops, and informational sessions to educate students and parents about studying abroad, including topics such as admission requirements, standardized tests like the IELTS, scholarship opportunities, and visa procedures.

Overall, GEE Bangladesh plays a significant role in facilitating access to international education for Bangladeshi students and contributes to the country's efforts in promoting global educational mobility and cultural exchange.

Students are required to pay a consultation fee for availing one of our services. Call or email to inquire about our initial consultation fee and make an appointment to receive the service. Note that no one is obliged to take our services. However, to use our services, one must follow the rules and regulations.

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Account Name: GEE Bangladesh
Account No: 1421796778001
Bank Name: The City Bank PLC
Branch: Mouchak Branch, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Routing Number: 225274361
Swift Code: CIBLBDDH


Account Name: GEE Bangladesh
Account No: 0032100000841
Bank Name: Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd
Branch: Mouchak Branch, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Swift Code: BCBLBDDH

Our Management
Mr. Biplob Chandra Chakraborty, Founder, and CEO
Ms. Jannatun Naim, Executive Director
Ms. Anjana Rani Chakraborty, Director, Finance 

Operational Team (Consultancy Division)
Mr. Amit Kumar, Chief Operating Officer
Ms. Tahmina Haider, Senior Executive
Ms. Farzana Boby Usha, Senior Executive
Ms. Suchita Shome, Senior Executive
Ms. Sadiya Afrin Ritu, Junior Executive
Mr. Md. Saheen, Office Assistant 
Mr. Sabbir Hossain, Office Assistant

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