For Students

For Students

Dear Students,
Welcome to GEE Bangladesh and 'Education in India'. GEE Bangladesh is known as the Knowledge Group and 'Education in India' is a wing under GEE Bangladesh for assisting local students to find, select and enroll better Indian Institutions without any consultancy fees or service charges.

As of now, we have assisted hundreds of Bangladeshi students to Study in India. We have strong Alumni network across the country and abroad. You are cordially welcome to visit GEE Bangladesh for better suggestion, guide and assistance.

Education stands for Humanism and is the only means of sustainable growth. Due to geographical location, growth of India and Bangladesh is correlated.Cross Border education between Bangladesh and India is the best measure of enhancing reciprocal and sustainable growth. As the neighboring countries, we must have strong bonds in every aspect. Education in India at GEE Bangladesh plays very strong role for creating everlasting bond between the two friendly countries.

Once upon a time we observed only Bangladeshi students went to India for education. Currently, a good number of Indian students are coming to Bangladesh for Higher Education. We are very happy to see the interchanges of education between Bangladesh and India.

Before choosing a school college or university, students and guardians must carefully consider the location, environment, history, teacher and student ratio, teacher recruitment process, and many other parameters for the better education. There are many nominal Institutions both in Bangladesh and India. Be aware about nominal institutions.

Consider your intention, ability, career goal, financial budget etc before taking admission. Visit Education Wing at GEE Bangladesh; meet one of our education adviser to select a suitable Institution and course for better education and better future.

Students residing outside Dhaka are suggested to visit our website and fill up the online inquiry form. One of our officers will be in touch with you soon.

Happiness and Misery depends on proper education, decision making abilities and uses of time. Do not take a wrong decision that will put your life into the hell.

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