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Graphic design is a countless of forms, both on screen and in print, nevertheless it is always made up of images and words to create a communication goal. However, Graphic design course at GEE IT is designed for the basic learners who know basic operating system with limited idea on design. 

Basic Design  Basic Design
Beginner Level 1 (Course content) Beginner Level 2 (Course content)
What is design? Ethics of design
Concept of computer base design Functions of design tools
Who to learn computer base design? How to use design tools appropriately
Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Design diagram
Introduction to Adobe Illustrator Design project
Capacity and range of Adobe Photoshop How to design a T Shirt
Capacity and range of Adobe illustrator How to design an advertisement
Introduction to tools of Adobe Photoshop How to design a business or visiting card
Introduction to tools of Adobe Illustrator How to design a logo?
Functions of Adobe Photoshop tools Free project 
Functions of Adobe Illustrator tools  
How to design using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.  

Course duration and detail of Basic Design 1 and 2. 

Basic Design 1  Basic Design 2
Course duration 12 Weeks Course duration 12 Weeks
Total number of class 24 Total number of class 24
Class per week 2 Class per week 2
Class duration 1.30 hour Class duration 1.30 hour
Cost BDT 3500 Cost BDT 4000
Mood of Payment Advance Mood of Payment Advance

We have special discount for admission into both of the courses.  

These courses will help you to gain sound knowledge of using elements such as lines, shapes, forms, tones, textures, letters and colours in design. You will know the most important design principles that should be considered in a visual display. It will help you to understand paraline, orthogonal, isometric, oblique, planometric and perspective drawing systems and elements of the production system such as printing, photography, photocopying and 3D processes.

How to register for the course
To register, please visit GEE IT and discuss with one of our trainers. Or follow the septs to register: 
Write your name, Design and send an SMS to 01839959876 or 01933324241

Please contact Md. Abu Arafat 01839959876, or Mr Debashis Bhattacharjee 01933324241.


  • Hand to hand practical traning with big monitor display 
  • Single Core i3 PC with 4 GB Ram for each candidate 
  • AC training room with free wifi use 
  • Clean and specious training room under minutely supervision 
  • Experienced and CSE Engineer Trainer 
  • Certificate will be awarded to each candidate 

Corporate Offer: We have corporate offer for a group of learners from any company in Bangladesh. Under the corporate offer, our trainer will train the learners at any company office in Bangladesh as per the agreement. Please drop your proposal to for quotation and discussion.