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GEE IT has launched web development training course for prospective web developer, CSE and IT students. Students studying CSE or IT at higher education institutions across the country may find the course helpful for building career as a web developer. 

Creative and advanced learners having good command over computing web design / html may also join the Web Development Course at GEE IT. 

Successful completion of the course, learners will be able to handle all complex issues of creating or resolving a dynamic website as per the requirement of customer. 

Learners will also be able to develop online software as per customer requirement. This is the bridging course between you and your career in IT industry

Course begins Every month
Course Duration 3-4 months
Total lesson 26
Class duration 1.5 hours
Lesson per week 2
Class days Friday and Tuesday
Maximum admission 12 per batch
Course fees BDT 15000 per candidate
Seat booking Early apply basis

Course module

Lesson Plan

Course Highlights

Adobe Dreamweaver, Java Script, Adobe Photoshop, Web Hosting, Browser Testing, Web Design Project, Live Web Designing Project, Server Side Language, PHP, My SQL, Advanced My SQL Query, Develop a Dynamic Website, Web Development Project

Lesson 1

PHP Basic, What is PHP, Server Setup & Installation, Basic Syntex

Lesson 2

PHP Variable & Data type, Echo & Print, Variable, Data Type, Data type examp with var_dump, Arithmetic Calculation

Lesson 3

PHP String & Constants, What is String Example, Many String function, String Replace, Constants, Define function

Lesson 4

  PHP Operators’, Arithmetic operators, Assignment operators, Comparison operators, Increment/Decrement operators, Logical operators, String operators, Array operators

Lesson 5

Array, Arrays, Print_array, Array Type, Get & Post Variable

Lesson 6

Form Handler, Get , Post, Request Variable, Form Submit Mathod, Action, Encypt, Form data Passing & Receiving, Display Form data Same page & another page

Lesson 7

PHP Statement, Conditional Statements,  if (...else) statement,  Switch statements, Concept Loop

Lesson 8

PHP Loop, For statement, While statement, Do While statement, For each statement

Lesson 9

PHP Function, Function Concept, Function Structure, Function with parameter, Arithmetic example with function

Lesson 10

PHP Include Function, Include function, require_once Function, Differance Between Include & require_once, Example multiple page using this function

Lesson 11

File Operations, deleting file, Uploading files, Downloading files

Lesson 12

 Session, Register session variable, Creating a cookie.

Lesson 13

Email Handling, Header, Subject, From, Message, Send email to a mail address

Lesson 14

Database & Query, General Concept of Database, Database Architecture, Creating a Database, Creating a Table, Data type, Database relationship

Lesson 15

Advanced Database & Query, Database Connection, Data type, Database relationship, Mysql Insert

Lesson 16

Advanced Database & Query, Mysql Select, Mysql Where, Mysql Orderby, Mysql Like, Mysql Limit

Lesson 17

Advanced Database & Query, Mysql Update, Mysql Delete, Mysql Where, Mysql Orderby, Mysql Update, Mysql Delete

Lesson 18

Advanced Database & Query, Designing Web Database, Tables, Mysql  Function, Mysql query

Lesson 19

Dynamic a website, Dynamically Present, HTML to PHP, Multiple page data in one page display, Connection php and mysql

Lesson 20

Advanced Database & Query, Designing Web Database, Tables, Mysql  Function, Mysql query

Lesson 21

Advence Mysql, Mysql Join tag, Inner Join, Left Join, Right join

Lesson 22

Javascript & Jquery Concept, javascript alert, Function, get value from id, jquery concept, Ajax

Lesson 23

Project, Project , Review & Exam

Lesson 24

Project, Project , Review & Exam

Lesson 25


Lesson 26


Discount for a group of CSE Students 
Discount for corporates 
Discount for talented but meritorious learners 


  • Maximum number of students per class: 12
  • Training on 50 inch TV Display/Projector 
  • Core i3 PC with 4 GB Ram for practice to every candidate  
  • Expert trainer 
  • Best performers have opportunity to work with GEE IT 
  • AC Training room 
  • Discount on Web Development courses for the best performers 
  • Discount for at least five learners enrollment in a group 

Course Instructor 
Md. Wasim (BSc CSE) and Mr. Pratoy (B Sc IT), Mr. Debashis (B Sc CSE) 

Course Coordinator
Mr. Debu Bhattacharjee, B Sc CSE, Contact: 01933324241 

Corporate Offer: We have corporate offer for a group of learners from any company in Bangladesh. Under the corporate offer, our trainer will train the learners at any company office in Bangladesh as per the agreement. Please drop your proposal to for quotation and discussion.