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Website Designing

Web design is a process of generate idea, planning, and building a gathering of electronic files.

Creative learners having good knowledge over computing and wish to build career as web developer or planning to enter into web development business are invited to join our Web Design Training Course. Students studying CSE or IT may find the course very helpful for career.  

After successful completion of the course learners will be able to handle all complex issues related to design a static website accordingly as per the demand of client. However, to learn coding / development he/she has to enroll web development course. 

Web Development Training Course is essential to know the technic of building a dynamic website or software. Therefore, before enrolleing for the design course the learner have to have a plan for further admission at web development course. 

Course duration : 8 weeks
Class duration : 1.5 hours 
Total Class :16
Class Days : 2 days/week
Course begins : Every month
Fees : BDT 8000
Mode of payment : Full in advance
Class days

: Friday and Saturday

Course Module

Lesson Plan 

Course Highlights

Introduction to Web technologies, HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTML5, CSS3, Adobe Dreamweaver, Java Script, Adobe Photoshop, Web Design Project,  Live Web Designing Project, Server Side Language

Lesson 1

Creating a HTML page, HTML Tags, Paragraph & Text Formatting, Lists, Horizontal Ruling lines, HTML Color, Background Color, Specifying Font Information, Formatting Tags

Lesson 2

HTML Hyper links, HTML Table, Table & Data Alignment Options, Table Cell Spacing & Padding, Changing Table Height & Width of Table Elements, Links, Anchor Tag

Lesson 3

HTML pre tag, HTML Form, Form Overview, HTML Frame, Marquee Tag

Lesson 4

HTML Div Statement, DIV Class & ID, Compare between Table & Div, HTML Comments Tag

Lesson 5

Create Interactive Button, List Background  Using Images, Make menu Button Using HTML code & Image, HTML span tag, HTML5 Intro, HTML5 New Elements, HTML5 Semantic

Lesson 6

HTML5 Forms, HTML5 Input Types, HTML5 Form Elements,  HTML5 Form Attributes, HTML5 Media, HTML5 Video, HTML5 Audio

Lesson 7

CSS Basic, The letter-spacing Property, The word-spacing Property, Text Align Property, Line Height Property, Background-URL, Background-Position, Background-Repeat

Lesson 8

CSS Box Model, Borders, Border Width, Border-Style, Border Color, Border-radius, Box-shadow, Form Design Formatting

Lesson 9

CSS2 Basic, Display Tag, Visibility, Poisoning, Floating, Order & unorder List

Lesson 10

CSS2 & CSS3(Advanced Level), CSS3 Introduction, CSS3 Borders, CSS3 Backgrounds, CSS3 Gradients, CSS3 Text Effects, CSS3 Fonts, CSS3 2D Transforms, CSS3 3D Transforms, CSS3 Transitions, CSS3 Animations

Lesson 11

CSS Styling Table, Table Captions, Table Columns, Other Table Style, Background-Gradient Color, Horizontal Menu Design

Lesson 12

Conversion, PSD to HTML Convert

Lesson 13

Conversion, PSD to HTML Convert

Lesson 14

Project, Review & Execution

Lesson 15

Live Project Submission and Consulting

Lesson 16

Total Tutorials Revision & Quiz


  • Maximum number of students per class: 12
  • Training on 50 inch TV Display
  • Core i3 PC with 4 GB Ram for practice to every candidate  
  • Expert trainer 
  • Best performers have opportunity to work with GEE IT 
  • AC Training room 
  • Discount on Web Development courses for the best performers 
  • Discount for at least five learners enrollment in a group 

Course Instructor 
Md. Wasim (BSc CSE) and Mr. Pratoy (B Sc IT), Mr. Debashis (B Sc CSE) 

Course Coordinator
Mr. Debu Bhattacharjee, B Sc CSE, Contact: 01933324241 

Corporate Offer: We have corporate offer for a group of learners from any company in Bangladesh. Under the corporate offer, our trainer will train the learners at any company office in Bangladesh as per the agreement. Please drop your proposal to for quotation and discussion.