Study in India from Bangladesh

Study in India from Bangladesh

Recently, approximately two to three thousand students from Bangladesh take admission in various schools, colleges and universities in India in a year. They think, it will open the door of enhanced career opportunities both in motherland and abroad. They also think, they can get quality education with one fourth cost of the developed countries. Conscious parents feel that if their children complete their bachelor's degree in India and go to the developed countries for their master's degree, the total education budget for the children is greatly reduces. 

Whatever the reason, the modern generation of students prefers an international environment for education. Those who have minimum ability, they also want to get international standard education in keeping with the times. Whether we acknowledge or not, India is now a global player especially in medical, health sciences, technical, management and cultural education. 

Flexibility of Choosing Subects in India
In many cases, students do not get their preferred subjects to study in the public universities in Bangladesh. They are compelled to study in the subject decided by the universities. As an international student, they can get preferred subject in many Indian universities. It should be mentioned thant Indian universities offer undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in diverse fields such as engineering, medicine, business, humanities, social sciences, etc.

Medium of Instruction in India
English is widely used as the medium of instruction in Indian universities without some exceptions. Vocal system of Bangladesh and Indian people are almost same. Bangladeshi students can easily understand the accent of Indian English. As a result, IELTS or TOEFL is not mandatory for Bangladeshi students in many Indian universities. However, student should have a better knowledge in English to study in India.

Easy Communication
Bangladesh shares around 4096 kilometers of border across the eastern part of the India forming the fifth-longest land borders in the world. There are many land ports or border crossings between Bangladesh and India. As a result, people can visit India within the shortest time and lowest budget. 

Tuition Fees and Cost of Living in India
Being the member of SAARC countries, Bangladeshi students pay almost same tuition fees like Indian in many universities. There may have some exceptions. The cost varies depending on the instition, courses and location. The cost of living including accommodation, food, transportation, and other expenses may varies depending on the location. 

Scholarships and Financial Aid
Indian universities and the Indian government offer various scholarships and financial aid to the students from Bangladesh. These scholarships can help alleviate the financial burden of studying in India. Based on the previous academic results Bangladeshi students may get up to 100% tuition fee waiver and scholarships in India. 

Access of Study Visa
Bangladeshi students need to obtain a student visa to study in India. However, upon fulfilling the certain requirements, getting an Indian study visa is comparatively easier than other countries.

Indian Education Counseling Center in Bangladesh
To study in India from Bangladesh, deserving candidates may visit GEE Bangladesh, the oldest and the best Indian Education Counseling Center in Bangladesh. Meet with one of the expert counselors at the GEE Bangladesh with your doucments for expert guidance. Please take an appointment before you visit the GEE Bangladesh office. GEE Bangladesh was established in 1998 as an Education Counseling Center in Bangladesh. 

No one is obliged to visit the GEE Bangladesh office for any assistance related to study in India. It is your duty to make sure whether it is required or not required. If you visit the GEE Bangladesh office, you must respect their policy.