Admission Process

Admission Process

In India, academic semester usually begins in between June to August each year. However, some private university usually accept students for Foundation Semester in January or February each year. 

Academic classes at public universities begin in between June to July while private university classes begin in between July to August each year.  

Government of India invites self financed admission application from the eligible candidates in between December to February each year for public university admission through the concerned body.  Moreover, students may directly apply to any public university following international admission procedure.

Admission application at private universities and colleges usually begins in January each year and continue till July without some exceptions. 

However, some private colleges accept international student’s application from the month of October as well.  International students should book a seat in between October to December each year.

How to apply?
For private university or college admission, international student may contact the university or colleges directly. In some cases, colleges and universities have their representative in many countries. Local student may contact one of the country representative to apply. If there is no in country representative, student should apply directly to the university following guideline for international admission.

However, it is better to apply through in country representative because they have better idea and experience about education between the country of origin and the country of destination.

Bangladeshi students wish to study in India may contact GEE Bangladesh for any credible suggestion or guide.

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