For Institutions

For Institutions

Commercialization of education is a curse and red signal for civilization. Education and Teaching cannot be the means of capitalization. Therefore, we encourage foreign educational institutions to enroll international students for creating cultural diversity in the campus, research but not to earn money from them.   Foreign Institutions, wish to enroll potential students from Bangladesh through GEE Bangladesh should carefully read our procedure before joining with us.

Branding is the first step towards entering a new market. Foreign universities should have a strong branding policy before entering into a new market like Bangladesh. It is not essential for Bangladeshi students to go abroad for higher education as we have sufficient higher education establishment into the country to meet the demand of higher education seekers. So, branding will play a vital role among our students to select a foreign university / college as their destination of higher education. They will consider many facts before taking a decision to enroll into a foreign university or college. Through the branding, foreign universities will have to create attention of our students for admission or enrollment. That means, foreign universities/colleges must invest for branding with a long mission and vision. GEE Bangladesh is ready to take the challenge of Branding of a foreign university/college in Bangladesh under its norms.

Marketing is called the key of setting up a brand. A systematic and sustainable marketing policy is essential to establish the brand. Now days, marketing are very competitive and expensive. Foreign universities/colleges should have a long time (at least for five years) marketing plan to get back the output of investment. It is imperative to get output overnight, whatever marketing policy you adopt. At GEE Bangladesh, we have such marketing experience and plan to guide foreign universities/colleges step by steps to reach the goal under our norms.

As we mentioned earlier that it is not essential for our students to go abroad for higher education wherever the country or location is! Scholarship could be one of the strategic policies for the foreign universities to create attention of our students. Foreign university or colleges that wish to have a tie-up with GEE Bangladesh for branding, marketing and promotion, must offer scholarship to the students of Bangladesh. This will enhance acceptability, branding and marketing of foreign universities to the local students. Please note, this is a must to have a tie-up with GEE Bangladesh.

Foreign universities or colleges complies with our policy mentioned above may apply for a tie up with GEE Bangladesh. Please bear in mind, the tie-up should be at least for 5 years as the master franchise for Bangladesh territory. If you are not in a position to comply with our policies, please do not sent any proposal that will un-necessarily kill the time without any result and most of these cases we do not reply. GEE Bangladesh never compromise with our standard and principals. Proposals can be dropped to this email address: For phone discussion, please call to +8801712571098.

Branding > Marketing > Scholarship and our expertise will lead the Outcome. More input means more output but off course, some time it takes time to get the output. Earlier, we mentioned it is imperative to get outcome overnight. Long time strategy and plan will lead everlasting outcome. Even we are ready to take the challenge of outcome, if you follow our norms with patience and analysis.

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