For Students

For Students

Real education is the index to change life. Knowledge and real education cannot be suppressed in any way. We encourage real education seekers to enter into the proper channel of real education. We believe, 'Education India' may be an Index of changing life in a constructive way. To study in India, please follow the steps below. 

Intention or purpose of foreign education is to gain proper education suiting your thrust of knowledge and creativity that you can implement properly with innovative techniques. It is essential for any outgoing student to fix a proper intention why he/she goes abroad for education and what purpose will be solved through the desired foreign education. So, make a proper intention or motto before taking a decision to study abroad.

Career Goal 
Intention and career goal is correlated. Before fixing intention and career goal, I would suggest someone to deeply analyze over his/her range of capability, how far he/she can go, how to see his/her future and how he/she can frame the future with the reflection of reality. Failing to make a proper intention and career plan life will stuck somewhere and will create frustration and will be difficult to overcome that situation. Set your career plan that you can reach through capability, creativity, sincerity and hard work and you have a real intention to do.

Foreign education under self finance scheme is always expensive. You must have sufficient financial means and budget to cover up your educational expenses during education abroad. Suppose, your intention and career goal is to be an engineer; you must calculate the access of money that you can spent for the desired course in abroad is your budget. If you have access of 20, 00,000 (Twenty Lac) Bangladesh Taka for gaining a foreign engineering degree, you must select a country and institution where the cost of an engineering degree will not exceed your budget. It is mandatory to make a proper budget to gain a foreign degree. Without proper budget your ultimate destination will be zero.

You know yourself better than anyone else. Even, your parents know very little about inside you. That means, you have power to know or discover yourself. The power you have inside you to discover yourself is your ability. You know the depth and breadth of your ability. For an example someone suggested you to study Engineering but you do not have intention, ability or career goal to be an engineer. Will you be success? You are thinking to study abroad means; you have an intention, ability, plan and determination to take the challenge of study your desire subject in abroad. You have ability to face what is unknown and you have ability to take right decision for you.

Once your intention, career goal, ability and budget are met; you can take a final decision. Decision is the final stage of implementation. Good decision will enlighten life while wrong decision will through you into the dark. Your future and life completely depends on a decision. So, we hope you will take a proper decision for yourself, family, society and the country as a whole.

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