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Anik speaks about Sharda University

31 May 2016

Anik speaks about Sharda University

I am Anik and I am doing BBA (Dual Specialization) course at Sharda University, Delhi-NCR, Greater Noida, India. When I was here for the very first time, I was little bit nervous. But day by day, when I realize that here everyone is friendly and very helpful, I tried to adjust myself and now feel very comfortable and happy. I am proud to be a part of Sharda University.

From my view, Sharda University is one of the best Universities for international students to study in India.  I think, we can get in touch with many international students and their culture, custom and tradition. The faculty and teachers I have met found very helpful and well experienced to teach us. Campus life at Sharda University is really cool. I am enjoying every moment of my university life here at Sharda University with lots of Masti.

BBA 3rd Year at Sharda University
Dhaka, Bangladesh

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