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Shah Jalal studying B Tech at Sharda University

01 Apr 2016

Shah Jalal studying B Tech at Sharda University

Hello !

I am Shah Jalal from Comilla Bangladesh, currently pursuing B Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) Lateral Entry at Sharda University, Delhi-NCR, Greater Noida, India. 

I have completed 4-years Diploma in Electrical Engineering after SSC qualification from Comilla Polytechnic Institute in the year of 2014 and thus got one year exemption at Sharda University to study B Tech EEE.

Currently I am pursuing 2nd semester out of 6 semester’s education at Sharda University.

I have taken a right decision to enroll at Sharda University because I have found real test of international education and environment at Sharda University. Location of the university is excellent and campus is super. Teachers are excellent and friendly. 

I suggest Bangladeshi students to think about Sharda University because of its environment, infrastructure, Labs, teachers profile, location and lifestyle. Besides education, there are many things to learn at Sharda University and this is the perfect place to explore real education for real life. 

For admission at Sharda University, Bangladeshi students are recommended to visit Sharda University Bangladesh Regional Office, GEE Bangladesh for a real counseling and suggestion. They do not ask for any consultancy charge from the local students and I am charmed at their service.

If you are a Bangladesh National and wish to enroll at Sharda University, enroll without any doubt and blindly visit GEE Bangladesh to assistance.

I feel proud being a student of Sharda University.


Shah Jalal
Comilla, Bangladesh

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