Meeting with Chairman sir of Dhaka Education Board
Meeting with Chairman sir of Dhaka Education Board
Our students at Sharda University
Bangladeshi students at Sharda University
GEE Students at Sharda University
GEE Bangladesh Students at Sharda University
Meeting with the Principal of Notre Dame College
At Notredame College with Suresh Anad Mani
Meeting with the Principal of Wills Little Flower School and College
Meeting with the Principal of Abudharr Ghifari College
Few Bangladeshi Students at SRM University
At SRM University Aerospace Engineering Lab
At Dhaanish Ahmed College of Engineering
Visit to Karnataka College Group of Institutions
GEE Bangladesh CEO visits Sree Vidyanikethan
CEO of GEE Bangladesh visits AIMS Institutes
Galgotias University Student
Galgotias University Campus view
Galgotias University Delhi NCR Greater Nodia
Galgotias University Campus
Sharda Alumni meets Regional Coordinator
Appreciation to Sharda Alumni from Cordinator
Sharda Alumni Takes appreciation from BD office
Meeting at Daffodil International University
Meeting with Sharda University Chancellor
SRMIST delegate visits DPS School Dhaka
STS DPS School Visit with SRMIST
Sujan Ghosh awarded at Sharda University
Postgraduate Medicine admission Training at GEE
Medical MD Admission Training at GEE
EPT Training and exam at GEE Bangladesh
ICT Training at GEE Bangladesh
ICT Practical Training at GEE Bangladesh
DACE Campus View 4
DACE Campus View 3
DACE Campus View 2
Dace Campus View 1
DACE Graduation Day
DACE Induction Day
AIMS Delegation at GEE Bangladesh
Our Student's Achievement at NMIT
GEE at Indian Education Fair-Dhaka
AIMS Institutes Campus Photo14
AIMS Institutes Campus Photo13
AIMS Institutes Campus Photo12
AIMS Institutes Campus Photo11
AIMS Institutes Campus Photo10
AIMS Institutes Campus Photo9
AIMS Institutes Campus Photo8
AIMS Institutes Campus Photo7
AIMS Institutes Campus Photo6
AIMS Institutes Campus Photo5
AIMS Institutes Campus Photo4
AIMS Institutes Campus Photo3
AIMS Institutes Campus Photo2
AIMS Institutes Campus Photo1
AIMS Institutes Campus Photo
SRM University foreign students 4
SRM University Foreign Students 2
SRM University Foreign Students
SRM University Department of Law
SRM University Classroom 1
SRM university Classroom
SRM University Student 7
SRM University Student 6
SRM University Student 5
SRM University Student 4
SRM University Student 3
SRM University Student 2
SRM University Student 1
SRM University Language Department
SRM University IT
SRM University CSE
SRM University Hotel Management
SRM University Department of Management
SRM University Lab 9
SRM University Lab 8
SRM University Lab 7
SRM University Lab 6
SRM University Lab 5
SRM University Lab 4
SRM University Lab 3
SRM University Lab 1
Scenario of SRM University campus
SRM University Media
SRM University Department of Pharmacy
SRM University Department of Architechture
SRM University Mass Communication and Journalism
SRM University Department of Design
Student of SRM University
SRM University Language and Culture
SRM University Library
SRM University Campus View1
Bangladeshi Freshers at Sharda University
Bangladeshi Freshers at Sharda University
Campus View
Guest Lectures by Dr. Dilip Kumar and Dr. Somen Dept of Biotechnology on 23rd Aug 17
Alumni meet on 26 Aug 2017
An Analysis of Supreme Court’s Verdict on Triple Talaq
Anchoring & Presentation in Television' | Dept of Mass Comm| 30th Aug 17
Orientation Programme | SMSR | 31st Aug
Dance and Music competition on September 1, 2017. SOL
Guest Lecture SBS on 4th September 2017
A Workshop by Bridge Association U.P. Dept of Students Welfare on 6th Sept 17
PM's address on Monday 11th Sept 2017
Orientation Programme of School of Dental Sciences (SDS)
An Analysis of Supreme Court’s Verdict on Right To Privacy
Inaugural Session International Conference on
Foreign delegation on 16 Sep 2017
Engineer's day celebrations
Delegation from Zimbabwe Visits Sharda University
World Pharmacists Day on 25th September 2017
Fresher`s party 2017
Expository Lecture on 25th Sept 2017
Bangladesh Students at Sharda University
Our Students at Chandigarh University
Celebration at Chandigarh University
Bangladeshi students at Chandigarh University
Chandigarh University delegation at GEE Bangladesh
Chandigarh University officers at GEE Bangladesh
Chandigarh University officers in Bangladesh
Chandigarh University officers at GEE Bangladesh
GEE Bangladesh at International Education Fair, Dh
SRM University delegation visits Methodist Intl Sc
SRM University delegation visits SFX Greenherald I
Suresh Anand Mani, SRM University officer at GEE B
SRM University officer Mr. Mani at GEE Bangladesh
Sharda University delegation at GEE Bangladesh
SRM University delegation at GEE Bangladesh
Mody University Delegation at GEE Bangladesh
Mr Rakesh Dhenki of Sharda University at GEE Bangl
MoU between Quantum Global Campus and GEE Banglade
SRM University seminar at Jessore
SRM University delegation visits school in Jessore
SRM University School visit in Jessore
SRM University Scholarship Seminar at Jessore
GEE Bangladesh hosts launch party at Acharya Insti
NMIT Bangalore,
Launch Party for NMIT students at Bangalore
GEE Bangladesh recent visit to NMIT Bangalore
GEE Bangladesh in Education Fair
Orientation Program at GEE Bangladesh
GEE Bangladesh Office Premise
GEE Bangladesh office
Student-Guardian discussion at GEE Bangladesh
Guardian Meeting at GEE Bangladesh
NMIT delegation at GEE Bangladesh
Classroom at GEE Tutorial
Apeejay Stya University delegation at GEE Banglade
GEE Bangladesh at Indian Education Fair with Shard
Acharya Institutes at Bangladesh Fair with GEE